Day-2 is a Client Delivery Partner combining Delivery Objectives with Organisational Requirements in the Infrastructure Sector.

Supporting the delivery of major programmes, Day-2 facilitates quality decision making over a series of gateways within the Intelligent Client Framework .



Delivery Objectives:

  • Functional Improvement
  • Baseline Development
  • Strategic Support
  • Tactical Delivery
  • Keynote Advisory

Organisational Requirements:

  • Organisational Development
  • Change Management
  • Behavioural Change
  • Executive Search
  • Cognitive Diversity

Delivery Objectives

Functional Improvement

Working in partnership with client organisations striving to become more intelligent and streamlined, our technical experts work with multi-disciplinary teams to integrate systems, tools and processes with strategic action plans to support exemplar governance protocols and standards across various areas of major project delivery.

Baseline Development

Our accredited people focus on a fully integrated and objective approach to project performance against an accurate and reliable baseline and EVM process. We have a strong background of both transformational and project start-up environments and have first-hand experience of delivering in both public and private sector environments.

Strategic Support

Through the effective deployment of a bespoke set of strategic capabilities, we enable quality decision making at leadership and board level(s). Our matrix-led approach is designed to ensure that clients can ‘cover all bases’ in respect of project delivery requirements.

Tactical Delivery

We have a performance measured approach that leads the way in how complex life-cycle objectives are delivered in a more ‘holistic, targeted and owned’ manner. Our teams of highly skilled practitioners have the demonstrable experience required in order to deliver critical and non-critical delivery programmes within the infrastructure sector.

Keynote Advisory

Our extensive network of Executive and Non-Executive major programme specialists positions us to assist our clients via our keynote advisory programme. This is a tailored offering, bringing together industry leading experts to consult with our clients on particular problems, whether they be strategic or tactical.

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Organisational Requirements

Organisational Development

We focus on all aspects of OD from the development of the strategy itself through to organisational design and effectiveness. Our team of specialists have previously held board level HR and Talent positions for FTSE 100 businesses where having an exceptional Organisational strategy has been paramount to success.

Change Management

Utilising OD principles to assist in the definition and diagnosis of change, Day-2 will facilitate your change journey from concept to implementation utilising the Intelligent Client Framework TM. Our experienced team will not only define the need for change but facilitate you defining the destination, helping you articulate the value add to the business and all stakeholders.

Behavioural Change

Our Partner network have spent a career in highly regulated, unionised industries having to navigate the most complex of systemic behavioural challenges. Day-2 can deploy a range of tools and capabilities to diagnose and facilitate a behavioural change programme, underpinned by the Intelligent Client Framework to ensure a state shift is achieved.

Executive Search

Having built and shaped Executive Teams for FTSE businesses and major programmes our principals of search continue to pave way for recruiting and retaining industry leading talent. We champion diversity and have not only assisted businesses with achieving a more diverse and inclusive executive resource but have also challenged our clients’ thinking with attracting talent from varied sectors.

Cognitive Diversity

The subject of Cognitive Diversity is uncharted territory for many organisations, yet is scientifically proven to hold huge power when utilised. Our Partners are qualified to assess and articulate not only the cognitive preferences of an individual but also a team and organisation, enabling senior leaders to predict culture, blind spots and develop strategies to not only avoid potential problems but most importantly utilise the cognitive diversity of the business to achieve their strategic objectives.

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