Facilitating Change

In its capacity as a trusted Client Delivery Partner, Day-2 works at an executive level to advocate an objective perspective and rationale relative to effective decision making over a series of gateways within The Intelligent Client Framework™.

Using its expertise in delivering executive strategies that engage all elements of an executive environment, Day-2 acts objectively, aligned to a customer focused approach that is bespoke and linked to performance and outcomes.

The Intelligent Client Framework™ helps a CEO or Executive Board articulate and control the level of engagement required to ensure all facets of a strategy are qualified and defined by the customer at all times. This ensures that Day-2 is only ever adding value in areas that need it.

We are the next generation of consultant. We understand the need for lean, targeted support around decision making, particularly at executive board level.

We believe that The Intelligent Client Framework™ is a high-performing method that keeps organisations in the driving seat when in pursuit of their goals and vision.

We do not aim to ‘land and expand’ within your organisation. We’re much more interested in delivering quality over quantity… and that for us is you achieving your Day-2.