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July 15, 2020
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Get out of your own way!

In the world of Elite sport you often hear the phrase “I just focused on getting out of my own way”, meaning that those involved had analysed factors required to reach their goals and removed anything contrary to them, only spending time and energy on the component parts that led to their success.

This past week the world of golf saw Sophia Popov do exactly that by winning the Women’s Open Championship at Troon. Ranked World No. 304, Popov had never won a senior professional event and only qualified for the Open Championship with a top-10 finish two weeks prior at an event which she was only in because higher-ranked players couldn’t attend due to Covid-19.

Sophia had a clear objective as she entered the final round of the tournament but rather than focusing on the objective with every swing she took, she focused on the process to get there. ‘Getting out of her own way’ enabled her to execute the activities required to hit the objective rather than having the sheer weight of it hanging around her neck for 5 hours out on the links.

At Day-2 we facilitate change, enabling our clients to do the same as Sophia. We work with CEO’s to ensure that their organisation can deliver in the moment, having a vision that’s understandable but not overbearing, having processes that enable not hinder and giving the organisation a platform to achieve its strategic objectives by getting out of its own way by working effectively.

We are the human glue that bonds your objectives together, creating a sustainable environment for first class leadership, organisational effectiveness and ultimately, your success.

Many organisations are blind to their inefficiencies. Some focus heavily on repeatedly communicating a long-term vision. Said vision is important but a Board level objective doesn’t necessarily trickle down to the ‘shop floor’ of an organisation in a way that it’s understood and bought into – hence ironically it often gets in the way of the organisation achieving it. We also frequently see clients embark on a transformation that is led by a vision of a new world without an understanding of the present. They commence the project, re-shaping the business towards the new world but carry with them far too many processes from the old world that ultimately gets in the way of them delivering their goals. Other organisations get far too wrapped up in corporate objectives and process management that they forget the most important element of them all – the human element – and they become organisations without leadership, without soul and with that they cannot deliver at all.

Here at Day-2 we’re not focused on deploying large teams into clients to manage their change and live off their problems. We facilitate change, allowing them to ‘get out of their own way’ by delivering objectivity aimed not only at ensuring the goals are enabled by the business, but by frankly ensuring the goals themselves are appropriate, are communicated in a way that means something to the wider organisation and that their component parts are deliverable in a way that complements the objective and doesn’t hinder it.

We facilitate change, we challenge thinking and we let you get out of your own way. We enable your Day 2 and we intend to leave.

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