In the red corner…we have the PMO!

In the red corner…we have the PMO!

..and in the blue corner… we have the Project!

Why are these critical facets of major programme delivery still not getting along? What is it going to take in order to put an end to the needless jabs, hooks and haymakers these pair of heavyweights keep offering up on a periodic basis – usually smack bang in the middle of period end reporting…talk about an act of self-harm!!

Surely, we are aware that so many Projects think the PMO is just an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy. Conversely that so many PMO’s think that Projects are hopeless at reporting accurate and meaningful data. Does that mean we are all complicit in this potential failure?

Now is the time to understand the balance sheet, the risk position, the management of change and the progress report. Board papers need to be more digitally focused, expertly targeted and comprehensively communicated – with a golden thread running throughout. One wrong move here and an incorrect decision could be fatal.

Is it therefore time to reflect on our own complicity and start challenging the dysfunctional elements we all know surround the Project / PMO relationship?

Why is the collective behaviour towards that relationship so polarising? What could we do to be more aware of what the relationship needs in order for it to be a symphony of governance, control and quality decision making rather than a 12 round title fight every time a reporting period begins.

One thing for sure is that tools, technology and systems alone do not make a PMO ‘high-performing’. Similarly, jabbing the project team each month does not automatically generate accurate and predictable reporting. So why do we keep doing the things that are clearly making no impact?

Let’s once and for all throw in the towel on this bout. These two can be best of friends – they actually have much more in common than they think…

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