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May 29, 2020
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July 9, 2020
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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…should onboarding be our focus after all?…

We’re all au fait with the development of projects on whichever side of the fence you’re on. Where the keenness of the supplier to get into delivery mode shortcuts a fully qualified brief versus the increasing client pain, driving their suppliers to start delivering before successful outcomes have been properly defined.

How often does either party truly know what success looks like? Whether the process of engaging on the project together was properly scoped and thoroughly briefed? Even when it is well scoped, has the associated on-boarding of resources been clear and controlled or has it been left to interpretation and potential abuse? Major infrastructure projects require methodical planning for elements such as long lead equipment or materials; so why is this consideration frequently ignored for resources and services?

Our experience in the world of complex major programmes shows that all too often the technical aspects of the scope of works take priority and that the softer elements, such as setting the appropriate organisational design strategy, building a team of diverse thinkers and in turn onboarding them into the programme properly is often overlooked, when in fact it’s the most common reason for failure.

Projects that have integrated a “best in class” organisational design and implementation strategy can evidence this having helped the enabling of the technical aspects of the project. In turn, client and supplier teams are onboarded and integrated more effectively into the organisation making it truly ‘match fit’, ensuring an enduring project culture that in turn ensures better fiscal, schedule and team performance that is in line with a high performing project.

So…Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall… should onboarding be our focus after all? Complex programmes and strategies are delivered by people and hence not focusing on the granularity of their journey and without clearly defined outcomes, you may end up being the ugly sister!

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