Smarties no longer have the answer!

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May 15, 2020
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Smarties no longer have the answer!

As European countries prepare for the second phase of the Covid-19 pandemic and the slow release of restrictions on businesses, who has the answers to what happens next?

Many are talking about a resumption of trade and a new normal and making predictions on when life will resume to normality, but how can they? We are in a deep business maze but how are we going to get out of it and what will be our guiding star?

We can only plot our course on what we know; abnormal will be the new normal; ambiguity will be the new clarity and continued bouts of disruption will be the new routine for the foreseeable future.

Whilst other consultancies will profess to have the answers, we believe that at this stage none of us do. Only the curious, the agile and the pioneers will make sense of this new frontier.

As you prepare your business to enter this new world, who is going to be your critical partner? Who will help you decide what changes are the right ones to make? How to diagnosis the requirements for a rapidly changing environment? How to plot a path out of this confused place?

Don’t dive into the execution of strategies! Don’t ‘nickel and dime’ the issue identification! There is no fairy dust to sprinkle on this and smarties no longer have the answer!

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