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May 15, 2020
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June 4, 2020
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The Sea of Uncertainty

We may be in different boats but we’re in the same storm!

As the fallout from Covid-19 is causing rough trading conditions for most businesses, what is becoming more apparent is the degree of uncertainty that we are all having to work with. When you are captaining your ship in the Sea of Uncertainty, what are the right organisational behaviours required to help you navigate your business to calmer waters with good trade winds?

Management and Leadership fads have abounded in recent years, we have had maverick or disruptive talent through to coalition talent. The issue is that your current talent framework and talent indicators may no longer be the right ones for your business as the context has dramatically changed. How are you going to decide what are the right indicators to measure talent that gives you a strong and supportive crew as you set sail for the future? What are the emerging talent trends that will make your business survive and thrive and when thinking about bringing your workforce back from furlough, who are the right people to lead the change?

Your workplace is not going to be the same for a long while, your working practices will have to adapt and change and therefore your leaders will need to demonstrate agility, resilience and an ability to engage your people. How do you measure, develop and reward success in these stormy waters?

We know from experience that the Sea of Uncertainty is often wild and that the vessel of change can only have a successful expedition if it is crewed appropriately.

When captaining your vessel, think about the crew you need; a crew that tells you what they think you want to hear or one that spots the high seas ahead and deploys a strategy to navigate all to safety!

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